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Dr. Victoria Foster

Director, Undergraduate Nursing Program

Office: Harry S. Downs Center for Continuing Education & College of Health CE 317
School of Nursing
College of Health


Dr. Foster has been a nurse for over 30 years and an educator for 21 years. Her background is Critical Care Nursing. She teaches in the undergraduate program. She has served as the Director of the Graduate program and now serves as Director of the Undergraduate program. Her research interest is HIV prevention in older adults. She later returned to school where she completed a Post Master's Certificate in a Family Nurse Practitioner program and volunteers as an FNP at a free clinic. She was recently funded for 2 COVID-19 grants, one for the Clayton County community and the other for the campus community.


MSN, Post Master's Certificate FNP, Georgia State University, 2017

Ph D, Nursing, Georgia State University, 2010

MS, Post Master's Geriatric Certificate, Georgia State University, 2009

MSN, Nursing-Clinical Nurse Specialist Track, Armstrong Atlantic State University, 1997

BSN, Nursing, Tuskegee University, 1988

Awards and Honors

Honorarium, Atlanta Health Education Consortium, Honor, 2021

Clarkston Community Volunteer, Clarkston Community Health Center, Award, 2019

Barbara Vick Impact Award, Emory Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), Award, 2019

Nurse of the Year Finalist, March of Dimes, Honor, 2015

Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Georgia State University Gerontology Institute, Honor, 2010

Intellectual Contributions

Victoria Foster,  ,  , An examination of the psychometric properties of the Antiretroviral General Adherence Scale (AGAS) in two samples of HIV-infected individuals., Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care – April 2010

Victoria Foster, Development and Implementation of a Gerontological Peer Mentoring Program for Early Career Faculty, Journal of Nursing Scholarship – 2015

Victoria Foster, Elicia Collins, Dianne Nelson, Comfort Obi, Jennie Bergen, Rebecca Morgan, Susan Gronka, Angela L Hollis, Shereda Taylor, Crystal Marchant, Annette Crew-Gooden, Samina Damani, Martricia Turner, Examining the Perceptions of Clinical Competence of Undergraduate Nursing Students During the Era of Social Distancing, i-manager's Journal on Nursing –

Victoria Foster, Factors Associated with risky sexual behaviors in older adults, Journal of the Assoication of Nurses in AIDS Care – December 2012

Victoria Foster, Mentoring and training for early career nurse faculty: Benefits and recommendations from alumni of the Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity (BAGNC) program, Nursing Outlook –

Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Victoria Foster, Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity , John A Hartford Foundation, Private, 89000, Funded –  May 2008 to May 2010

Victoria Foster, Kimberly Campbell, Local Community-Based Workforce for COVID-19 Vaccine Access, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Federal, 994198, Funded –  July 2021 to July 8 2022

Victoria Foster, CoVAC Mini-grant "I'm not throwing away my shot", American College Health Association , Private, 3000, Funded –  August 1 2021 to December 10 2021

Victoria Foster, Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program, Clayton State University, Clayton State University, 2162, Funded –  December 2013 to 2014

Victoria Foster, Spark Clayton Fund Grant, Clayton State University, Local, 5000, Funded –  Fall 2017 to Present


Victoria Foster, Grace Nteff, Carmen V. Harrison,  , Curricular Integratio of Oral Health Care Competencies into a Family Nurse Practitioner Program, National Conference for Nurse Practitioners, NCNP –  May 2019

Victoria Foster, Careers in Healthcare, Upward Bound , Upward Bound –  2018

Victoria Foster, Benefits of receiving mentoring for early gerontological nurse scientists, Gerontological Society of America, GSA 2016 –  2016

Comfort Obi, Victoria Foster, Dianne Nelson, Examining Perceptions of Clinical Competence of Undergraduate Students in the Era of Social Distancing, 2021 GANE (Georgia Association of Nurse Educators) Conference February 2021

Victoria Foster, Factors Associated with Risky Sexual Behaviors in Older Adults, BAGNC Leadership Conference, Hartford Foundation –  November 2009

Service to the University & University System of Georgia

University, Facilities Advisory Committee, Committee Member, 2015 , 2015

Department, Admission and Progression, Administrative Assignment, Department Chair, January 2018

Department, Admission and Progression, Chairperson, August 2010

College, Clinical Coordinators Committee, Committee Member, August 2010

University, Co-curricular Transcript Committee, Committee Member, 2018 , 2019

University, COVID Schedule Implementation Working Group, Committee Member, March 2020

Department, Curriculum Committee, Administrative Assignment, Department Chair, January 2018

University, Faculty Affairs Committee, Committee Member, 2011 , 2015

Department, Graduate Admissions Appeal Committee, Chairperson, 2014 , 2017

University, Re-opening Campus (Sub-committee-orientation committee), Attendee, Meeting, March 2020 , June 2020

, Smith Award Committee, Committee Member, 2005 , 2005

Service to the Profession

Other, Georgia Association for Nursing Education 2005 to 2005

Officer, Other Officer, Sigma Theta Tau, Inc. 2019 to Present

Member, Southern Research Nursing Society February 2006 to Present

Member, Gerontological Society of America, National –  2008 to Present

Service to the Community

Alpha Kappa Alpha, 2020 , 2020

Alzheimer's Society, Other, 2005 , 2005

BPSOS Morrow Flu Drive Through, Member, Local, October 2020 , October 2020

Cedar Grove High School, February 2015

Clarkston Community Health Clinic Volunteer, April 2018

Clayton County Senior Services, Member, 2016 , 2016

Feed the Hungry, 2016 , 2016

Clayton County Health Deptment and others, Program Organizer, Local, April 2008

Clayton County Principal Partnerships, 2014 , 2014

HBCU Annual Run/Wald, 2013 , 2019

HHS, 2016 , 2016