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Dr. Khamis Bilbeisi

Professor of Accounting

Office: College of Business T247
Accounting, Economics, and Finance
College of Business


Accounting Professor, College of Business.<br>Dr. Bilbeisi has teaching, research record and service to the college, university, and community. He was selected as Who is Who Among American Teachers for several years. His education includes<br>Ph. D in Accounting University of Mississippi,<br>MAcc in Accounting University of Georgia<br><br>Have teaching experience in class, online and hybrid for over 30 years. Taught all accounting subjects, including but not limited to the following areas:<br>Financial Accounting<br>Managerial Accounting<br>Governmental Accounting<br>Advanced Accounting<br>Income Tax<br>Intermediate Accounting<br>Principles of Accounting<br>Cost Accounting<br>Auditing<br>International Accounting<br>Contemporary Issues in Accounting<br>Forensic and Investigative Accounting<br><br>Dr. Bilbeisi has a research interest and publications in the following areas:<br><br>Forensic and Investigative Accounting<br>Online Teaching Vs. Hybrid and Traditional face to face teaching<br>Mortgage and Home Byuers Interest<br>Sustaining Excellence through Quality Business Education<br>Cost of Quality<br>Accounting Research<br>Real Estate Resrach<br>Education Quality Improvements


Ph D, University of Mississippi, 1989

MA, University of Georgia, 1983

BS, University of Jordan, 1979

Awards and Honors

5 Year Achievement Award , Clayton State University, Award, 2018

Intellectual Contributions

Khamis Bilbeisi, C R Narayanaswamy, Chau Dinh, WAS THE DOLLAR TREE – FAMILY DOLLAR MERGER SYNERGIC? FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANALYSIS, Journal of Business, Economics and Finance – September 1 2018

Khamis M Bilbeisi, Moulare Kessee, Khamis Bilbeisi, Tesla: A Successful Entrepreneurship Strategy , Business Quest – April 2 2017

Khamis M Bilbeisi, Richard T Brown, How Forensic Accounting Is Used to Combat Terrorism in the United States, The Forensic Examiner – October 15 2015

Khamis M Bilbeisi, Online Teaching Vs, Hybrid, International Journal for Innovation Education & Research – November 15 2014

Chung Beck, Jongwood Jongwood, Khamis M Bilbeisi, Approximate Rules to Calculate Monthly Mortgage Payments, Journal of Business, Economics, and Finance – March 1 2013

Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

M, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility in the Classroom, Troy University –  August 18 2012 to September 22 2012


Dale,  M, Hybrid Classes: The Best of 2 Worlds or the Worst of 2 Worlds?, ACBSP Annual Meeting, ACBSP –  June 2010

Khamis Bilbeisi, Online Teaching, SE INFORMS, SE INFORMS –  October 3 2014

Khamis M Bilbeisi, Online VS Hybrid and traditional Teaching, SENFOERM, SENFORM –  October 3 2014

M, Panel Discussion – Teaching on the Internet, TSU System-Wide Business Symposium, Troy University – 

Service to the University & University System of Georgia

College, MBA Steering Committee, Committee Member –  January 1 2017 to December 31 2017

University, Information Technology Council (ITC), Committee Member –  January 1 2017 to December 31 2017

University, COB Dean's Search Committee, Committee Member –  March 10 2017 to May 30 2017

College, Curriculum Committee, Committee Member –  January 1 2017 to December 31 2017

University, Online Committee, Committee Chair –  January 1 2017 to August 1 2017

University, University Senaet Committee, Committee Member –  August 1 2014 to July 31 2015

University, University Curriculum Committee, Committee Member –  August 1 2018 to July 31 2019

University, Student Affairs Committee , Committee Member –  August 1 2013 to July 30 2014

Service to the Profession

Member, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, National –  January 1 2017 to December 31 2017

Editorial Review Board Member, Journal, B-Quest Editorial Board, International –  January 1 2016 to December 31 2016

Committee Member, AIS Educator Association January 1 2013 to December 31 2013

Service to the Community

Member, ROTARY CLUB, International –  January 1 2013 to December 31 2013

Member, Yes We Can, Local –  January 1 2013 to December 31 2013