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Dr. Joey Helton

Assistant Professor

Office: Clayton Hall T-130B
Health Care Management
College of Health


Dr. Joey Helton has worked in the healthcare field for twenty years, holding several administrative and frontline roles. He currently teaches in the HCMG undergraduate & MHA graduate programs at Clayton State University. Dr. Helton received his Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from Georgia State University in 2017. He completed a Master’s degree in Public Health from East Tennessee State University in 2005. In 2002, he completed his undergraduate degree from East Tennessee State University. His dissertation included The Influence of Perceived CSR Engagement on Millennial Employee Turnover Intentions (Retrieved from ScholarWorks GSU 2017). He has published articles Small Clinic Electronic Health Records Implementations: An Options Thinking View in the Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 18 (1) (2017) and A Comparison of the United States and Austrian Healthcare Needs and Systems the Journal of Health Care Organization Provision, and Financing, 58(2021), pp 1-10. Currently, his research interests include diversity in health care management, HIV/AIDS, and international healthcare comparisons.