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Dr. Emran Khan

Associate Professor & Coordinator of Criminal Justice Program

Office: T-211B
Social Sciences
College of Arts & Sciences


Dr. Emran Wasim Khan earned his Bachelor in Social Sciences (BSS) with Honors and his first Master in Social Sciences both in International Relations from the Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1979 and 1980 respectively. He obtained an MBA (Marketing & Management), from the Central State University (CSU), Edmond, Oklahoma, in 1985. His third master's, an MA in Criminal Justice Management & Administration (1986), is also from the CSU. He earned his doctoral degree (Ed.D.) in Occupational and Adult Education (OAED) in 2001 from the Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma with emphasis in Human Resources Development (HRD). Prior to teaching at Clayton State University, Dr. Khan was a tenured Associate Professor of Law Enforcement & Justice Administration at Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois for six years. He also was an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the Fort Valley State University, Georgia for two years, and an Instructor at the Employee Training & Development Center, Stillwater, Oklahoma for more than six years. In his 16-year correctional career, mostly with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, he has been a Correctional Officer Cadet, a Correctional Officer, and a Case Manager in a maximum security prison, a Probation & Parole Officer, and a Senior Probation & Parole Officer, a Grievance Review Officer, reviewing all levels of final offender appeals throughout the state, a Detention Officer at the Oklahoma County juvenile detention facility , a Senior Correctional Training Officer, a Contract Monitor of Private Prisons, and administered up to four counties of Payne, Logan, Canadian, and Pawnee as a Local Administrator of the Community Sentencing Division. Dr. Khan takes pride in being the first Asian-American Commissioned Peace Officer in Oklahoma. He was also one of the first seven Certified Correctional Executives (CCE) in the USA. The CCE designation by the American Correctional Association (ACA) is an indication of highest level of professionalism involving activities such as supervising human resources, possessing and demonstrating leadership skills, managing change, maintaining operational oversight and general knowledge concerning the field of corrections.


EdD, Human Resources Development, Oklahoma State University, 2001

MA, Criminal Justice Management & Administration, Central State University, 1986

MBA, Management & Marketing, Central State University, 1985

Other, Central Law College, 1980

Other, International Relations, Dhaka University, 1979

Other, International Relations, University of Dhaka

Awards and Honors

Academic Scholarship , American Society for Training & Development, Award, 1993

Dean's Honor Roll , Central State University, Award, 1986

Service Award, Clayton State University, Award, 2019

National Merit Scholarship, Dhaka Education Board, Award, 1975

WIU Author Recognition , Leslie F. Malpass Library/WIU , Honor, 2007

Intellectual Contributions

Emran W. Khan, , The Correctional Trainer – Summer 2005

Bolina J , Emran W. Khan,  Hazlett M , Mhlanga B , A Literature Review: Quantitative Analysis of Whether Education Affects Police Officer Perception, , the Law Enforcement Executive Forum –

Emran W. Khan, Advice and Predictions for 2005, the Prison Foundation – 2005

Emran W. Khan, An Analysis of the Level of Service Inventory (LSI)-Revised Critiques, The Pursuit, the Criminal Justice Association of Georgia (CJAG). – April 30 2019

Emran W. Khan, Analysis of Ethical & Moral Dilemmas - Revisited, Thomson Wadsworth publishers, Thomson Custom Solution – 2009

Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

Emran W. Khan, Student Poster Session (SPS) , American Correctional Association's (ACA) 137th Congress of Corrections –  August 12 2007

Emran W. Khan, Student Poster Session (SPS) , The American Correctional Association's (ACA) –  January 10 2008

Emran W. Khan, Student Poster Session (SPS), American Correctional Association's (ACA) 2006 Winter Conference –  January 29 2006

Emran W. Khan,  Student Poster Session (SPS), The American Correctional Association's (ACA) 2007 Winter Conference –  January 20 2007

Emran W. Khan, Student Poster Session , American Correctional Association's (ACA) 136th Congress of Corrections –  August 13 2006

Contracts, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Emran W. Khan, Correctional Officer Guide, The American Correctional Association (ACA), Other, Funded –  2007 to 2008

Emran W. Khan, The College of Arts & Sciences Mini Grant, CSU, College of Arts & Sciences , State, 1000, Not Funded –  2012 to Present

Samuel Maddox, Lisa D. Holland-Davis, Emran W. Khan, Matt Sorenson,  Clayton Judicial Circuit Justice Mental Health Services Collaboration Program , Bureau of Justice Affairs, Federal, 352500, Not Funded –  February 4 2013 to April 2013


Emran W. Khan, Amalgamated but often unrecognized. Invisible Minority: Asian Americans in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Association (CJAG) Conference , CJAG –  November 7 2013

Emran W. Khan, An Analysis of LSI-R Critiques, Criminal Justice Association (CJAG) Conference , Georgia Political Science Association –  November 11 2011

Samuel Maddox, Mari Ann Banks, Lisa D. Holland-Davis, Jason L. Davis, Emran W. Khan, A. Rafik Mohamed, Building Comprehensive Approaches to Community Justice: The Clayton State Center for Justice Studies, American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, American Society of Criminology –  November 20 2013

Emran W. Khan, Facilitating Panel III, Criminal Justice Association (CJAG) Conference , Georgia Political Science Association –  November 9 2012

Emran W. Khan, Jennifer Allen, Bonny MhLanga, Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice, Assessing Policies in Criminal Justice Agencies” session # 33 , The Midwest Sociological Society (MSS) –  April 1 2005

Service to the University & University System of Georgia

University System, American Correctional Associations - Student Academic Council, Committee Member –  January 29 2006 to Present

Department, Assessment/Outcomes Committee, Committee Member –  August 2007 to July 2008

University, Assistant Chief of Police Hiring Committee, Committee Member –  Spring 2013 to Present

University System, Board of Regents Advisory Council, Committee Chair –  November 2013 to Present

College, College of Arts & Sciences Tenure & Promotion Committee., Committee Member –  August 2012 to July 2013

Department, Curriculum Committee, Committee Chair –  August 2004 to July 2005

College, College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Recruitment Team, Task Force Member –  February 2013 to July 2013

University System, Criminal Justice Advisory Committee , Task Force Member –  2011 to 2012

Department, Curriculum Committee, Committee Chair –  August 2004 to July 2005

University, Doctoral Degree & Curriculum Committee , Task Force Member –  Fall 2005 to Present

Service to the Profession

Member, American Correctional Association , 1985

Member, American Jail Association, 1988 , 2009

Committee Member, Asian-American Peace Officers of Georgia (AAPOG), 2013

Editorial Review Board Member, Journal, Comminity Sentencing Digest, State, 1998 , 2001

Member, Criminal Justice Association of Georgia, 2009

Member, Fraternal Order of Police, 1988 , 1990

Member, International Association of Correctional Officers , 1988 , 1997

Officer, Vice President, Toastmasters International, 1988 , 1989

Member, Illinois Correctional Association, 2003 , 2009

Member, International Association of Correctional Officers , 1988 , 1997

Member, Oklahoma Sheriff and Peace Officers Association, 1987 , 2012