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Dr. Ann Showalter

Assistant Professor

Office: Lakeview Discovery and Science Center 135K
College of Arts & Sciences


I am generally interested in ecological research questions that integrate across scales and disciplines. This has led me to explore community ecology through the framework of ecological stoichiometry and, more recently, aerobic metabolism. Ecological stoichiometry describes the balance of energy and nutrients between organisms and their environment. I principally investigate these topics in freshwater aquatic communities, particularly communities that include odonates (dragonflies and damselflies). Odonates are generalist predators that interact with many species in their environment. In addition, the complex life history of these insects allows them to connect aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.


Ph D, Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology, Miami University, 2016

BS, Biology, University of Puget Sound, 2006

Intellectual Contributions

Ann M Showalter, Catching ANOVA through Mosquitoes, EcoEd Digital Library – December 30 2019

Ann M Showalter, Michael J Vanni, Maria J Gonzalez, Ontogenetic diet shifts can produce trade-offs in elemental imbalance: The ecological stoichiometry of the bluegill sunfish, Freshwater Biology – April 4 2016

Service to the University & University System of Georgia

University, Academic Conference Committee, Committee Chair –  Fall 2016 to Spring 2020